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Christmas dinner costs

Aldi is the cheapest supemarket for buying all of your items from one supermarket.  

Aldi and Lidl are providing major competition to the big four of Asda, Morrison's, Sainsbury's and Tesco.  Many people are opting to buy good quality, low cost, non-branded goods rather than buying the big brands from the major supermarkets and it is forcing the big four to reduce their costs. Those shopping at Aldi and Lidl are saving people lots of money throughout the year.

A comparison of the prices is given below.

Christmas Dinner 2016 V2 No Footer Page 001

Christmas Dinner 2016 V2 No Footer Page 002

SFSH donation to charity

In the run up to Christmas 2015, we decorated our office to look like an olde worlde sweet shop and sold sweets to our colleagues in order to raise money for a local charity.  Our generous colleagues also made donations and in total we raised £140.

Today (16/01/16) we used the money to buy pots and pans for the beneficiairies of Sandwell Women's Aid in West Bromwich.  Pictured below is our Co-ordinator Janice handing over some of the equipment to Kat Bailey, Development and Communications Manager for SWA.

SWA 2 160118


Financial Inclusion Week

The Centre for Financial Inclusion is launching the first-ever FI2020 Week. From November 2-6 2015, over 25 partners across the globe will organise conversations exploring the most important steps to achieving financial inclusion.

Our project is funded by BIG Lottery to improve the financial confidence of tenants. This means helping them to manage their money matters.  Support could involve helping people to open a bank account (inclusion) or giving people the skills to budget and manage their money more effectively (reducing spending and budgeting).


The UK Financial Capability Strategy is launched

The Money Advice Service, in conjunction with the UK Financial Capability Board, has today (28/10/15) published a 10 year Financial Capability Strategy which aims to improve people’s ability to manage money well day to day, prepare for and manage life events, and deal with financial difficulties. Its focus will be on developing people’s financial skills and knowledge as well as their attitudes and motivation.


Poor cash management skills

More than 20% of us have poor cash management skills and struggle to understand our bank statement.  A report from the Money Advice Service also shows that 40% of us aren't in control of our finances.


Universal Credit update

Universal Credit is being introduced in Sandwell from 16th November 2015.  Although we're still awaiting official confirmation of who will be affected in the first instance, we believe it is likely to be new claimants from young people aged under 25 that don't have housing or family commitments.  We'll post further details when we get them.


Improving financial confidence

Martin Lewis, best known as the Money Saving Expert, has been speaking about the importance of the 37 BIG Lottery Improving Financial Confidence projects across England. His comments can be found on Youtube


Here's June and Chris at the Great Bridge Community Day on Saturday 12 July with Baggies favourite Daryl Burgess.


Universal Credit

The Government is gradually introducing changes to the benefits and welfare system by 2020.  These changes will affect many working age tenants, in particular;

  • The introduction of Universal Credit
  • Changes in Housing Benefit
  • The Under Occupancy Charge (Bedroom Tax)
  • Changes to Council Tax

Universal Credit is a new, single monthly payment (paid in arrears) for people in or out of work, which merges together some of the benefits and Tax Credits you may get now.

Universal Credit will replace:

  • Income-based Jobseeker's Allowance
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance
  • Income Support
  • Child Tax Credit
  • Working Tax Credit
  • Housing Benefit

If you're on a low income, you will probably still get Universal Credit when you first start a new job or increase your part-time hours.

Your Universal Credit won't suddenly be removed, but will steadily be withdrawn as your earnings increase.

All Universal Credit claimants will have a Claimant Commitment which clearly sets out your responsibilities and the consequences if you fail to meet them.  New claims for Universal Credit began from October 2013.  Working-age people on other means-tested benefits will gradually be transferred to Universal Credit by 2020.


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