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Making your money go further

Our first priority is have a chat to find out what money is coming in, what money is going out and work out a budget.  We’ll ask you to provide as much information as possible e.g. receipts, bills, bank statements, etc to work out your current financial position.

Our main aim is to ensure that you are receiving all the money that you’re entitled to.  If you’re in receipt of benefits, we can help you get the support you need.  If you’re working, do you understand all the information on your payslip?  We can help you.

We’ll look at all your sources of income and calculate just how much you’re getting each week or month. 

If we think you should be receiving additional benefits, we can either check using online calculators or signpost to specialist advisors.  Depending upon your circumstances, those seeking work or looking to learn new skills can be helped to access opportunities from other agencies.

We will help you to get all the money you should have and look at ways to cut your spending.


January budgeting

We all know that January is a 'tight' month as we try to recover from Christmas spending. Now is the time to think about budgeting!!

We have included our budget planner below.

Income And Expenditure

If you have never saved before or are not sure how to, how about using our spending diary...you can save for 7 days and work towards using the budget planner !!!    

Spending Diary Pg 1


 Spending Diary Pg 2






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